Part two of a few of my favourite things from 2014, (see here for Part 1); this time Feminism, Diversity + Inclusivity, Bangladesh, and All-women lists.


OK, clearly the ‘feminism’ list is going to be a long one. I tried to narrow this down as much as I could!

Women's empowerment illustration

Diversity + inclusivity

Lots of this could fit in ‘feminism’ too.

Disney Princesses


Not all of these were produced this year, but they’re the most interesting things I came across about Bangladesh online.

Bangladesh borders

All-women lists

One of the biggest arguments I come across when asking why more women weren’t included is “but we couldn’t find any.” This year I came across a number of lists of women in various professions, giving them the much-deserved kudos for work they’re doing, and making it ever so simple for to be ‘found’ if people are looking to talk to women. No more excuses for not being able to find women in [data visualisation/technology/books by women]* (fill in as appropriate) - and on my list of things to do is to come up with some lists of my own, as I feel like I come across brilliant women all the time!