Selected writing

Avoiding the Trap of the Singular Data Story
17 March 2020 for Bot Populi

Why we need a justice-oriented approach to data that centres an analysis of power relations.

Yes, digital IDs are efficient. But they’re a threat to our very identities
10 January 2020 for The Correspondent

Identity cards – and, increasingly, digital identification – don’t just satisfy a bureaucratic function, they also play a role in shaping how we see each other and ourselves – if we let them.

Can data ever know who we really are?
16 May 2019 for Deep Dives

On the impossibility of flattening our fluid + complex identities into data points.

The problem with emoji skin tones that no one talks about
23 November 2018 for The Daily Dot

Five options were never going to be the answer to a lack of representation.

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