Selected writing

Unpacking Digital Bangladesh
04 January 2022 for Himal Southasian

In 2021, Bangladesh’s digital policy is being used for connection, repression and surveillance.

The UN’s refugee data shame
21 June 2021 for The New Humanitarian

‘There is no way the personal data of nearly a million European people would ever be treated like this.

Yes, digital IDs are efficient. But they’re a threat to our very identities
10 January 2020 for The Correspondent

Identity cards – and, increasingly, digital identification – don’t just satisfy a bureaucratic function, they also play a role in shaping how we see each other and ourselves – if we let them.

Ethics in Open Source Investigations
19 December 2019 for Digital Witness Using Open Source Information for Human Rights Investigation, Documentation, and Accountability

A book chapter I co-wrote with Gabriela Ivens on the ethics of OSINT in human rights investigations.

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