Responsible Data and privacy in the Humanitarian sector

A talk I gave about how respecting people's dignity means respecting their data, too.

Comment on the Red Cross data hack

A short comment I gave about the ICRC cyber attack.

Rethinking Bangladesh A Southasian Conversation

A panel I joined discussing Bangladesh's present, and the forces shaping its future

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Seeking Refuge From Biometrics (w/ Zara Rahman)

I joined the WBI show to discuss these questions with a focus on how the Rohingya have resisted digital identification schemes that violate their collective autonomy.

Menschenrechte im digitalen Raum

A discussion at the Bundestag on human rights and participation in the digital age.

Against Inevitability

A talk I gave about the unintended impact of technology in relation to identity'

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The Data Balancing Act

A panel with Malavika Jayaram on the challenges of using data 'for good'

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The Art of Writing with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

A conversation with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie about writing, race, identity and more.'

Handling Sensitive Data in Humanitarian Action

A panel on challenges facing the use of data in the humanitarian sector

Beyond Names and Numbers: Who Gets Left Behind With the Digitization of Citizenship?

I joined Marianne Diaz, Malavika Jayaram and Ellery Biddle to talk about the ethical and privacy-related issues around digital identification systems.

Beyond Names and Numbers: Who Gets Left Behind With the Digitization of Citizenship?

I joined Malavika Jayaram, Marianne Diaz and Ellery Biddle to talk about digital identification.

Translating Critical Tech Perspectives

A talk given at Data & Society at the end of my fellowship, sharing some of my thoughts.

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Von Menschen, Daten und guten Vorsätze

Keynote on the difference between good intentions and good practice in working with data for social change [de]

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The (mis)Use of Culture

I moderated a panel discussing the ways in which virality can efface the cultures from which events and memes occur, and how the way in which something circulates has as much effect as the content of the thing itself.

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Internet Resistance

A panel discussing the challenges and opportunities in leveraging the Internet to support resistance efforts at local, national, and international levels.

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A conversation about internet activism

I joined Kimberly Drew and Joanne McNeil in a conversation about internet activism, to kick off MoMA's Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon.

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Online Harassment, Risky Research and Activism

On International Women's Day, I moderated a discussion between Amanda Lenhart and Alice Marwick on reclaiming power online.

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Power Plays with Data

A talk I gave together with Mimi Onuoha talking through various tactics for using information to control, manipulate and transform narratives.

OCR Friday with Zara Rahman

The Office for Creative Research invited me to speak at their monthly salon about how technology has affected the immigrant experience.

Data-driven lies

Days before the US election, I gave a talk about the role I saw data and misinformation playing in Brexit.

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Bridging the gap: tech <-> activism

I had the pleasure of giving a keynote about reconciling differences within technology and activism.

Gender, activism and technology: Bridging theory and practice

I joined Becky Kazansky and Janet Gunter to discuss integrating feminism, activism and technology.

Data and discrimination: representing marginalised communities in data

I talked about the right to be counted and the right to be intentionally left out of datasets.

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Big problems, big data, little privacy? Ethics of data use in development contexts

I joined a panel to talk about the double standards present in international development when it comes to technology and privacy.

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Closed for migration, open for export

I joined Claudia Roth, Vice President of the Bundestag and Fatuma Musa to talk about hypocricies in international attitudes towards migration.

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Hidden histories of technology

a talk I gave together with Luiza Prado, on technological advancements that have facilitated and masked oppression in the past.

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Data in international development: how even the best of intentions can pave the road to surveillance

Together with Becky Kazansky, I gave a talk about how certain uses of technology in international development contribute to surveillance of poorer populations.

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