Collusion was a podcast I started with my collaborator Luiza Prado, to explore the intersection of technology, colonialism and power. Producing each episode required a lot of research and synthesis – though this is one project I’d love to get back to one day, for now it’s on hold!

Episodes are still here on Soundcloud and we collated the research and links that informed each episode on this Tumblr.

During this project, I realised (yet again) how much of the knowledge I wanted to gain was behind paywalls, and would’ve cost a lot of money for us to access. Friends were able to give us access to those papers, but the system behind it remains - public money is being used to produce knowledge and learnings that are closed off to the majority of us. To highlight this, we produced a version of our second episode with the parts that we learned from closed-access papers beeped out.